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Case Study Of Fortnight

Q: Tell us something about the business of your company?

Ceat is a leading manufacturer of automobile tyres in India, and one of the most recognised brands in the country. The company also exports a range of tyres to over 130 countries. CEAT has a wide distribution network of over 3500 dealers, 37 regional offices and more than 136 C&F agents. The company's manufacturing plants are located in Mumbai, Nasik and Halol. CEAT manufactures the largest range of tyres in the industry which incorporate both cross-ply and radial technology. The range of tyres cover, virtually all user segments – from giant earthmovers to specialty tyres for scooters and motorcycles. The company also markets tubes and flaps.

Q: What kind of business applications / IT infrastructure are used at your company?

Enterprise Applications: SAP, Customized CRM
Database: Oracle, MS SQL
Data Warehouse: SQL Server 2008
Business Intelligence: 1KEY BI

Q: Name the project if any?

1KEY Business Intelligence (BI) helps CEAT explore new information terrain and travel less travelled road with decision making.

Q: What was successfully implemented? Describe the project or initiative and the solution you deployed?

Comprehensive BI Application addresses Data Analysis & MIS Reporting Needs of CEAT Limited by connecting SAP & non-SAP CRM data from across multiple areas of business viz. production, finance, sales and distribution.

Q: What was the IT / business challenge faced that led you to this project?

Business users, key personnel, Managers and top management at CEAT wanted information visibility on web. Territory Managers were not able to see entire report in a single sheet. Before going to a dealer, they were doing lot of manual homework. They were not getting correct data while discussion with dealer. Adhering to continuous report requests from business users was becoming a challenge as generation of SAP reports required lot of efforts & time.

Q: What IT solution / product / strategy was planned to overcome the above business challenges?

A web based BI tool which was easy to reach out to users was being looked upon the solution to cater to the challenges faced. BI tool would help my team to pay one-time attention to develop reports and thereon business users could easily do their own analysis as the way they want & in the required format. BI tool could help us easily deploy reports, give its access to the business users and no longer need to manually prepare on a spreadsheet.

Q: What was the evaluation process and why did you choose a particular vendor?

Prior to selecting 1KEY BI, we evaluated BI tools based on various parameters like Ease of Use, Cost Effective Solution, Dash Boards, Anywhere Access through Web, reach large user base, empower the business users to build their own reports from the base cube and be able to slice and dice the info for further analysis.
CEAT selected 1KEY BI because it provided us with far more than just trending and reporting. It gave us a higher level of business intelligence (BI) capabilities that integrated easily with our existing production and control systems data from SAP & non SAP data; provided deep insight into our batch processes; facilitated information-sharing among our production and supervisory staff so they could better monitor production in their appropriate contexts; was cost-effective with low TCO and having dashboard feature.

Q: Scope of the project – geography, no. of users, systems, timelines for project execution from signoff to go live, etc.?

The initial plan was to develop reports for 1 department at a time so that we could provide all kind of reports required. In the process we ensured that the quality and performance is not degraded anywhere. Also we released the tool for identified MIS users only along with a basic training session. The implementation process began in April 2010 last year and went on for 6 months to develop the initial requirements collected from different departments with the team of 2 BI consultants from Paramatrix and 1 project manager from MAIA Intelligence. SAP data was pulled using SQL Server's SSIS and Microsoft BizTalk and reports created on 1KEY. 4 people from CEAT's IT team were involved, 2 from sales & distribution & 2 from finance. The entire setup including the development (of reports) and support is now managed by the IT team of CEAT.

    Around 300 users
  • 200 Territory Managers
  • Top Management
  • Business Analysts
  • 20 QC / R&D Professionals

Q: What was the role of the partner (if any) and a value add in the implementation of this project?

The support by the Vendor – MAIA Intelligence, has been excellent. They have trained the IT team at CEAT on development and administrative support perspective. Later on the in-house team took over the development for upcoming requirements from business users side. The service of Vendor Company helped CEAT gain greater insight into product and producer effectiveness and support better analysis and decision making across enterprise. The BI consultants helped the company develop a roadmap to align BI processes and technology with its business strategy.

Q: What were the business benefits generated / derived from the project / deployment? Any significant & measurable impact on business? If so please provide quantifiable numbers wherever possible. Please describe the financial return and measurable payback. An overview of the quantifiable benefits that underscore your project's success.

Life is now very much productive for CEAT with 1KEY BI. The company completed the project much ahead of the deadline and found 1KEY a highly integrated BI with faster implementation faster and more efficient.

BI has now become the primary source of information at CEAT.
  • Unlock information hidden within data
  • Discover trends and proactively address them
  • Identify performing and non-performing products, market segments / producers
  • Link measurements to strategy and drive desired results
  • Free up IT resources by empowering business users
  • Improve your current service model
  • Track key business metrics to improve your operational performance
  • Single view of SAP & non SAP data for top management
  • Easy visibility of information across organization viz. production, finance, sales & distribution and marketing
  • More Meaningful Reports & Dash Boards which enable quick business decisions
  • Business Users are delighted to have the multi-dimensional reports with graphical interface and visually appealing charts
  • With 1KEY KPI, performance is now being measured

This BI project helped CEAT gain fast and accurate insight with access from hard-to-reach SAP data to solve complex business problems, react quickly to changing market trends, improve financial exposures, drive change thereby gain real-time insight into customer and market trends. Users at CEAT now use pre-configured reports, with powerful ad hoc capabilities and interactive visual analytics.

BI now allows CEAT to easily extend to include a wide range of data elements and sources. Through easy-to-use interactive graphics, gauges and filters, business users can play out scenarios, explore potential outcomes and gain a deeper insight that can help you reach decisions faster – and they don't have to be a technology expert or know how to construct complex queries to do so. BI helps CEAT extract SAP data from across the domains to gain a consolidated view of information from a wide variety of sources across the enterprise.

Q: What was something indigenous or radically different about the project or initiative?

The IT team at CEAT is excited about the efficiencies they are realizing by standardizing on for enterprise monitoring, reporting, and analysis. BI project was cost effective and hence has turned to form a great value proposition for CEAT. We are very much confident to achieve ROI within the very first year of implementation of BI.

Q: How did your organization change the way it does business as a result of this project?

Around 100 to 150 real-time reports are being used by CEAT to monitor the business numbers, track productivity, schedule resources based on volumes and manpower rooster from 1KEY BI.

  • Territory Dashboards
  • Treasury Reports
  • Accounts Receivable / Payable
  • CEO Reports/Dash Boards
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Sales: New business monitoring across all the products giving snapshots of daily and MTD new business logged in - used by management team to track business across products; this helps them channelize resources if required in certain directions
  • CRM: Dealers / Distributors Performance based on product sales
  • Finance: Snapshots of income and expense Snapshots of renewal and revival business
  • Productivity: 1KEY BI allowed CEAT to drill down and make phase changes that could shorten raw material addition times, improve line speeds, reduce the time in quality control, shorten overall cycle and changeover times
  • Productivity: Real-time reports for departments like Production, Finance, Sales & Distribution and Marketing

Q: Business user's acceptance is a key measure for the success of any project. A quote from the key business user of the project, solution deployed?

With BI, business users at CEAT can now access enterprise-wide ERP & CRM data quickly and reliably thereby allowing business users to gain accurate insight into information & proactively respond to rapidly changing conditions. 1KEY BI fits the needs of our growing business with its dynamic, cutting-edge features and the scalability to keep our growing user base apprised of business performance.

Q: What single "lesson learned" can be described in 20 words or less resulting from the above project?

This truly is an extraordinary success story. BI is the major element that enabled everything to happen. It is not the only one of the important reason for all that happens at CEAT, but it is an important factor in our success, but the fact is we couldn't have gotten these amazing results without it. 1KEY BI is a critical enabling tool for us.

Q: Has the project / initiative won any IT implementation award?

Not till now. But the success of this BI project is no less than an achievement in itself specially for us, the IT team. The agility of developing a report on BI has helped quickly respond to the report needs from users giving us a peace of mind and simultaneously it has also empowered business users to do on-the-fly slicing and dicing, drill-down of information for ad-hoc analysis in variety of report formats with ease on a daily basis.

Q: Future roadmap. What is expected life of this project? Is there anything else you've planned to do for it in the future?

Our people have responded well to the possibilities they see in 1KEY. It's intuitively easy to use, so they can easily leverage it to their own application needs.

  • Getting more information for users
  • Empower users to do more of analytical rather than detailing
  • Bringing real time information for business agility
  • Our objective is to get to the point where we have our KPI dashboards available to everyone and people can simply drill down from there as they need to

Any authorized person will be able to pull up trends in the dashboards and use that information for any application needs they may have. They won't have to ask IT for help and they won't need to ask us for data.

Q: Something you would like to share with your fellow CIOs

Information is said to be the most important resource of managers and decision makers. Nowadays the difficulty is not in getting the information but rather how to select the relevant information from the abundance of data and information. BI gives single source for critical information throughout the organization, so one can spend less time debating data and more energy making critical decisions.

Q: Final words on industry wide adoption of this type of project

Successful business management consists of managing information from across multiple areas of the business.

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