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CIO Of the Fortnight

Biography: Name, DOB, Birthplace, Parents, their profession
R. Chandran , 14/12/60 Ooty, Only Mother (housewife)

Share your childhood experience: school, sports, hobbies, travel, etc
Multiple schools in Tamilnadu , Hockey, Reading

Education right from school to college, university and / or any institute with year of passing
BE ( Mech) Hons - 1982 PGDIE, (NITIE) 1984

Any distinctive achievement in education, sports, or any other activity? Please describe
Represented Anna Univ in Hockey

Tell us something about your first job, the position you took and share your experience
Management Trainee at HPCL - IT department

Tell us something about your current job and your role
CIO at DICV , Exciting , implementing systems in a greenfield

Tell us something about business of DICV and your role at DICV
Daimler India Commercial Vehicles

What kind of business applications are there at Daimler India Commercial Vehicles

Who was / is your role model?

Tell us about your family wife & kids
Wife and 2 kids . Wife is a Msc Physics Gold Medallist and a house wife . Son - 2 year BTech (IT) at SRM , Daughter - 9th at Chettinad

How is your experience in handling IT projects till now in various companies you have worked with?
I have been in the consultancy till 2009. Any IT project is a challenge. CIO's cannot live in peace till the moment it goes live. There are several challenges which might arise spontaneously while implementation. As a project manager, one has to ensure such challenges are taken care of for the smooth progress and deliver well within the timelines, budgets and the scope.

What is the importance / need for IT according to you in a business?
IT is must for any business to satisfy their operational as well as functional needs. IT is useful in ensuring the smooth functioning of all the departments in a company such as the HR, finance, manufacturing, etc. With the help of IT, companies are able to get rid of any sort of errors or mistakes in the proper functioning of the tools used for designing and manufacturing purposes. Due to the development of the IT, companies are being able to keep themselves aware of the changes in the global markets.

In all, IT plays an important role in easily solving the mathematical problems and also in the project management system. IT has a great use in the automated production of sensitive information, automated up-gradation of the important business processes and the automated streamlining of the various business processes.

Something which you would like to share on IT wisdom with your fellow members
IT personnel should understand business domain. CIOs are now tasked to find emerging business opportunities that can drive value throughout the enterprise. This unique transition gives hope and tremendous opportunities for CIOs to transform into the role of a true leader.

Are IT solutions, costly and complex to handle? Your views
Not always. Whether IT solutions are costly and complex to handle depend on what is being implemented and ROI expected.

Final words on Industry wide IT adoption in coming future
Information Technology is on the rise. Industry is becoming more information-intensive and less labor and capital-intensive. With IT, it now seems possible for a group of relatively inexperienced people with limited capital to succeed on a large scale.

Your comment on Life, Success, Growth, Professional Career. What have learnt from your life?
Be good to others . Be frank and straight

Favorite Sport / Sportsmen, Artist, Musician, Singer, Food
IPL Team, Book, etc. Hocket /Cricket

Which social networking website you use the most / Facebook / Twitter / Orkut / Other

What remarkable project / IT initiative you have taken up?
Implementing IT in a greenfield for environmental sustainability and reduce the use of hazardous materials, maximize energy efficiency during the product's lifetime

If you were not a CIO in IT domain Auto Industry - Operations
Biggest passion To be good to others
Your current / favorite car Maruti Alto
Gadgets you can't leave without Mobile
Weekends are for? Family and relaxation
Favorite holiday destination Kodaikanal
Hate the most People coming late
Ultimate ambition To be a CEO
Thing you most want to do in life Give opportunities to people
If you became the Prime Minister Legislation to dismiss all MPs and MLAs
Deepest and darkest fear My innermost self

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