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CIO Of the Fortnight


First of all, there's no harder task than writing about your-self. I'll be honest with you there. When I started thinking about writing to this; I have to soul-search. This means asking my-self questions about me. And it is this time I realized that the more I ask about myself, the more I am getting confused and got stuck. You will NOT believe how hard it is.

I am holding a pen (now a keyboard) after many years to put down my thoughts..! I still remember those days I used to write letters to my wife, Sharmila 14 Years back when both of us are away from each other for TWO long years immediately one month after marriage.

Okay, so this is what I started doing first.

I am born (28th December) and brought up and completed my college in Karnataka. After my graduation, with a little pause I started my career with UB that too in a remote place called Anpara, a village in UP. That was a UP State Electricity plant for 500MW * 2 by MHI, Japan. I was in a boiler plant material store. That's how I started my profession away from computer way back in 1990. That was almost the beginning of computer era in India and while working for two years, I was really thinking where I am? It was a pleasure to see a PC those days. Then I started learning all about computers in different variants starting from a PC assembly, UNIX, Windows, COBOL etc. (which were very hot those days). With this knowledge, I joined ICNET Ltd. who were pioneers in email services. Email was a rich application to start with. I Worked nearly 2 years till 1994. Email operators started competing as so many players came in the market. With this competition I was able to join Archana Telecom Services Ltd. (A Mekaster Group of Delhi). Again after serving 2 years, I jumped to DaRTMAIL (A DSJ Group) in the same field of email. Between 1992 to 1997, I had acquired all those skills in RF, VSAT, Networking, Communication, Server administration on Windows and UNIX. I did many relevant certifications and courses. It is only then I joined Forbes Marshall Group of companies. Forbes Marshall is a 6 decade old company in Steam Engineering and Control Instrumentation.

Here in Forbes Marshall, I am handling IT Setup. Core Competencies are infrastructure, communication and IT Security.

I have accomplished Training from IIM – Ahmedabad; Programme on Strategic IT Management. I have completed Certified Lead Auditor from TuV in ISMS and the training for CISA under Pune Chapter. I am a Certified Ethical Hacker who understands the other side of IT Security. I did my post-graduate diploma course in Business Administration from NMIMS, Mumbai.

I have also successfully completed Certification on Oracle Technology and Microsoft platform.

I have in my credit, designed and facilitated many sessions for CME, Jetking, and Dr. D.Y Patil College of engineering to name a few. Internal trainings in FM are ongoing. I have also presented a paper on "Managing Wi-Fi : A Challenge" in a National Conference on wireless technologies-08, event organized by Padmarshree Dr D.Y Patil college of Engineering and Technology and sponsored by University of Pune and IEEE. I was on the panel of Judges in the ZION-06 Project Competition at Dr. D.Y.Patil engineering college for all India Engineers association.

I witnessed CeBIT'08 in Hannover, Germany. Centre of Office and Information technology, CeBIT is the world's largest trade fair showcasing digital IT and telecommunications solutions for home and work environments. I was part of the international conference of Forbes Marshall and visited Singapore, Malaysia.

I desire to explore more in IT Security, Communication and new growing trends in IT Field. Now I am leading the project "Cloud Computing" and "Virtualisation" committed to the vision of "Robust Secured Infrastructure". I love to trouble-shoot problems and explore new ideas which is on-going.

Just to touch up on my personal life;

Telling the truth about me is much better than writing something interesting. Be the real you, and you'll find something to spice it up a bit. That's how all I have started. From a traditional Brahmin family, ours is an arranged marriage. After all match making, I first met Sharmila at my home. It was a typical visit and we both directly not spoke to each other..! All was between and through the elders of the family. With a great influence from her father who was a Manager with Syndicate Bank, her ultimate goal was to join a nationalised bank. That's how she joined SBI. One way she felt lucky to achieve her goal at the same time, was my bad luck to stay away from her for two long years immediately a month after marriage. New place, new language (She was posted in Khed, Ratnagiri) away from everyone..!

After struggle of TWO years, she joined me in Pune. Now our family with two kids, elder daughter Sharadhi (VIII Std) and younger one Shashank (1st Std.) is complete. Both are doing reasonably good in their studies and that too with less of our dedicated time. Even though not outstanding, we both feel pretty satisfied. Sharadhi is much matured and very understanding. She takes care of her brother barring few exceptions. Loving daughter..! Other side, Shashank is a very naughty boy. He can not sleep without Papa next to him.

I love Music (I play Tabala and Banjo), travelling and sightseeing. With a professional life, we know each others responsibilities and respect for that. That is a life.., we both are enjoying!

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