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CIO Of the Fortnight

Name: Shyam Kalambi
DOB: 20th December
Birthplace: Mumbai

I was born & brought up in Mumbai. I used to play all cricket and table tennis in Mumbai, until I passed out of school. Travelling was one of my passions, right from childhood and continues to be so. I have visited most tourist destinations in India (and a few abroad).

I did my schooling in St. Xavier's High School, Dhobi Talao(1977). Then did my graduation in mechanical engineering from KLES Engg College, Belgaum (1984) and finally my post graduation in Finance from Welingkar, Mumbai (1987).

Last year, I completed a one year course in Risk Management, conducted by the Institute of Risk Management, U.K.

I started my career in Foseco India Limited in the Finance department as a Senior Accounts Officer focussing on product sales analysis. Over a period of 10 years or so, I gained additional responsibilities and was in charge of Treasury, Management Accounting, Projects Evaluation, Costing, MIS.

I am now in charge of Information Systems for India & ASEAN.

Foseco India is a part of the Cookson Group, headquartered in the UK. We manufacture metallurgical chemicals, mainly for the Foundry industry. In addition to my Information Systems role, I was also associated earlier with Business Continuity Planning in India and Kaizen / 5S activities in the ASEAN countries.

In Foseco India, we use J D Edwards, an ERP currently owned by Oracle. We also use Lotus Domino extensively and utilise Cognos for Business Intelligence. We have developed a bespoke CRM portal which is also used extensively in the company.

In addition to completing the one year course in Risk Management, I am a 5S trainer and have deployed 5S in the ASEAN countries. I have also succesfully completed a certified course on Lateral Thinking from de Bono Thinking Systems.

We are a small nuclear family. My wife, Seema works in a Co-operative Bank and my son, Pranav studies in school.

I have worked with only one company!! I joined Foseco in 1987 and continue to be with them. As far as handling IT projects is concerned, I can say that change management is the area which needs focused attention and a lot of attention to detail.

IT obviously is a business enabler and possibly a business transformation medium, although not in all spheres of the business.

Take care of the bits and the bytes will take care of themselves!

Complex and costly, yes. However, once there is a buy-in from the business, cost does not matter as long as there is a commensurate payback from a business perspective.

Cloud Computing is here. Let's explore.

We work to live life to the fullest and not live to work.

  • Favorite Sport / Sportsmen, Artist, Musician, Singer, Food, IPL Team, Book, etc? Talat Mahmood.
  • Which social networking website you use the most: LinkedIn / Facebook / Twitter / Orkut / Other? LinkedIn, Facebook.
  • What remarkable project / IT initiative you have taken up? I am currently in the design phase of creating a Knowledge Management portal for the company. We will also be virtualising our environment in the next quarter.
  • If you were not in IT domain? I would probably be a CFO!!
  • Biggest passion. Travelling.
  • Your current / favorite car? VW Polo / VW Beetle ( I love small cars).
  • Gadgets you can't leave without? None. In fact I would prefer to leave my cell phone!!
  • Weekends are for? Spending time with the family and relaxation.
  • Favorite holiday destination? Goa.
  • Hate the most? Politician speak.
  • Ultimate ambition? To understand myself.
  • Wildest thing ever done? Too wild to put in print!!
  • Thing you most want to do in life? Travel to exotic locations.
  • If you became the Prime Minister? without the chamchas.
  • Celebrity you'd like to spend a day with? Stephen Hawking.
  • Deepest and darkest fear? None.

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