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CIO Of the Fortnight

My life began in Udupi. Born in a Maharastrian family settled in Udupi for generations, my name reflects the paradox. Down south they misspell Patwardhan and in Maharashtra they misspell Shreesh. It became a practice right from early school days for me to dictate the spelling whenever someone asked me the name.

My father was an officer in LIC , a job that meant transfers every few years. So we children grew up with our grandparents most of time. I finished schooling and went on to become a Mechanical Engineer, from Karnataka University. One thing I am proud about is that I am a perpetual student. In last 5 years I have studied and got a PMP certification, PGDBM and a MBA Systems and the learning continues.

My first job was the one I literally walked in to, a design engineer in Pluton Machinokrafts Pvt Ltd. in Pune. This was my foray in to material management field. Here in my first job I was handling whole life cycle of material handling systems right from requirement gathereing to designing, overseeing manufacture and installation of conveyors and special purpose machines. This also entailed traveling all over the country, to new and upcoming factory sites. One of my proud possession from that era is the Design of conveyor , my first one, marked with green "approved" stamp from of Honda Motors Japan.

After couple of years bug to start an enterprise bit me and I started Schutz India , designed number of products , got a patent for one of products designed by me , won Hari Malini Joshi award from Marahtta Chamber of Commerce and Industries and so on till the IT beckoned.

I joined Dynamic Logistics in 1998 as GM – IT. This was when concept of Logistics, especially Third Party Logistics services was still in nascent stage in India. My brief was to establish a strong IT backed processes and required infrastructure both hardware and software to support the operation. Right from beginning of 12 year long journey I have let our mission statement "To be the Preferred Business Partner to Organizations Striving for Dramatic Improvement in Performance." be the guiding principle for the IT initiatives in the organization.

The software developed by our team like Warehouse Management System, Transport Management System, Inland Container Management System have been moulded with guiding principles of use of appropriate technology, intuitive and simple user interface and robustness.

Since Inventory Management was the main function of a Logistics Service Provider, we have always tried to ensure, through proper optimization principles, "Appropriate Information about inventory can replace lots of excess inventories"

Latest initiative being taken up by us is the cloud and mobile computing. With easy and reliable connectivity being available, this initiative is aimed at enabling users capture data where it is generated and access right information at appropriate moment irrespective of location the user is in.

About my family , my wife Sharmila works in LIC, and my two daughters Prutha and Yukta are studying . Both daughters are very fond of nature , enjoyed recent CIO club outing making sure they were allowed to handle snakes themselves.

I am involved in activities of CIO club Pune Chapter right from beginning and enjoy actively participating in all the events. I am also involved with PMI Pune chapter and firmly believe use of proper Project Management techniques is the key to success of a CIO.

In team management I believe my own "role of thumb". Each team should have a large number of fingures working in tandem towards the goal, but it is also essential that there should be strong thumb albeit in opposite direction if you need to have good grip.

One Liners:

If you were not in IT domain I would be a robotics engineer, that's my passion
Gadgets you can't leave without Anything new and exiting
Weekends are for? Catching up with home and family matters
Favorite holiday destination Santosa Islands
Hate the most Hypocrisy
Ultimate ambition Do something that will make positive difference in people's lives
Wildest thing ever done Yet to come
Thing you most want to do in life Create new things everyday
If you became the Prime Minister I would use IT to bring transparency in all dealing of Government
Celebrity you'd like to spend a day with Steve Jobs
Deepest and darkest fear Like the Asterix the Gaul "Sky is Falling …."

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