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CiO Looking Back & Ahead 2011

The Year 2010 was stabilization year for us, because we had just gone live with CRM, SCM & ERP applications from Oracle starting April 2009. We werealso introducing validations and checks in the ERP system so that our processes are being automated with proper control to avoid wrong data going inside the system.

Pratap Gharge,
CIO-Bajaj Electricals
We also implemented Server virtualization to share the hardware resources both on Windows and Solaris platforms so that more and more applications are possible with shared hardware & its best utilization. These steps helped us to provision the servers faster for new projects and also reduce the overall electricity consumption.

The year 2011 for industry will be focused on Cloud computing and various service offerings using cloud. We are also planning to have cloud based DR site for which we have already started search for both Windows and Solaris platforms. So far we have come across with vendors offering cloud based offering on Windows and Linux platforms but so far not come across with any vendor who is offering cloud services around Solaris platform.

Resolution for year 2011:

Increase the IT contribution to the business. Due to tremendous increase in number of applications, IT is becoming major contributor to do the business efficiently and effectively. IT is already helping in all the areas like SCM, CRM, ERP transaction processing. And now with the help of Business Intelligence, it is attempting to derive maximum value from the information being captured across the value chain. We have already started one BI project to derive the intelligence from the data getting captures across various IT systems and help business further to go towards mass personalization, customer profiling, assessment of customers with respect to life time value and using such information for better business decisions.

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