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The Secret Of Service Beyond Service Excellence "An Experience"

Service centricity is an Attitude. It's our aptitude in providing quality service, our attitude in rendering service, our approach in delivering the service will define the Altitude of Service Excellence or Service Experience.

In today's world, customer's want Experience beyond Products and Services. Service Excellence is an Experience felt by the Customer when we unconditionally render the service, it's the passion to serve which fuels to deliver excellence in service continually and consistently.

Creating raving fans who have great experience and feelings from the quality of service we rendered. We need to create more raving fans who will share their feelings about service and becomes our ambassador for our products and service. This includes walking the extra mile, stretching beyond all limits in rendering beyond limitless service which will ultimately creating ravings fans "Wow Factor".

Service when rendered it has to be felt and experienced by the person receiving the service first – accepts, acknowledge and appreciate the same with a token of gratitude when inspires and motivates a person rendering service to deliver consistently and continually an service experience beyond Service Excellence. Sometimes, the communication of acknowledgement or appreciation may not be expressed by the person who receives the service but from the body language it can convey whether the person receiving the service had a great experience or not. I feel it is important when some has a great experience on service being rendered…it is important to acknowledge the same…as gratitude of appreciation. This is basic human nature.

The Secret of Service…to create an raving experience lies in

  • Special…it is important we treat every customer as special when rendering the service to create unique experience for the customer
  • Sentimental…understand the sentiments of the customer when rendering service
  • Simplicity…it has to be simple and has to be felt by the customer
  • Speed…speed is essence of life and need to render service at speed besides quality to create impact on being responsive
  • Sense of Urgency…need to understand the importance of urgency of situation and render the service accordingly
  • Sensitivity…need to be aware of sensitivity of the issues / concerns when rendering the service to the customer
  • Secret…sometimes it becomes important to respect the privacy of customer when rendering service

  • Enthusiasm…needs to be enthusiastic in demonstrating the high quality of service
  • Energy…high level of energy when rendering service
  • Elegance…it has to be delivered with Elegance…this creates the niche experience
  • Exquisite…it has to be exquisite…something special for the customer to remember and cherish
  • Effective…The service rendered must be effective and the process support the service initiatives must be efficient

  • Reliable…Service rendered has to be reliable, consistent and continual
  • Responsiveness…Need to be responsive to the situation to deliver the service needed
  • Resolution…Besides being responsive, it is important to resolve the issues / concerns related to enable high level service
  • Repeatable…To ensure the concerns and issues are not repeatable in nature to avoid irritation causing a discomfort in service levels and relationship
  • Remembrance…The service rendered must be remembered by the customer. This leads to communication and update
  • Reversible…Sometimes it is important to walk the extra mile to reverse the perception created to due poor quality of service or some miscommunication despite rendering good quality service
  • Relationship…Most important is ability to build rapport and relationship with the customers

  • Velocity…the Speed of service is important. Timely response, timely resolution, timely interactions…etc
  • Value…Customer must see the value in our service. It can be through experience, feelings and seeing what is being delivered / rendered

  • Important…Every Customer is important, so is every issues / concerns from the Customer is important
  • Integrity…Service rendered with high level of Integrity will always be respected and remembered
  • Intelligent…Never experiment at Customer premises. When rendering service we have to right skills and quite competent in rendering intelligent service
  • Be Smart
  • Inspiring…Need to be self-inspired to enable and have the ability to inspire the customer through our quality service to create the experience
  • Innovative…Always strive to be innovative in rendering quality service. Doing things differently…through continual innovation creates value
  • Intensity…Render service with High level of Intensity fueled with energy and enthusiasm

  • Compassion…Be compassionate towards customers while rendering service
  • Creative…Have creativity fuelled when delivering service
  • Caring…Care for customers. It's important how much we care for them
  • Concern…Show concern for their concerns and understand their concerns when rendering service
  • Credible…demonstrate credibility in service through consistent and quality and continual service
  • Consistent…Be consistent and demonstrate the same when rendering the service. Customer must feel the same

  • Emotional…Create an impact to customer through emotional connect when rendering service
  • Ego…"Enveloping God Over"…keep the ego aside when interacting and rendering with customer
  • Experience…Finally create a niche experience to the customer to be felt when rendering customer and also gain experience of rendering high degree of service excellence

Finally.... we must LEARN to manage customer complaints effectively through...L...Listen / E...Empathize / A...Apologize / R...Resolve / N...Notify

A Truly Customer focused Organization sees things through the
"Lens of the Customer"
Approach is "How does Customer see us"
Understanding Customer Emotions will help you to understand the Customer's Needs Customer Emotions are the key to Personalized Service

"We have only two sources of competitive advantage: The ability to learn more about our customer faster than the competition. The ability to turn that learning into action faster than the competition."...Jack Welch.

"The Difference between an Ordinary business and an Extraordinary Business is the Level of rendering Excellence in Customer Service…leading to Service Experience"

  • High level of Commitment to leadership...Lead Differently, inspire and Motivate Continually

  • Business IT Alignment...People + Process + Technology to deliver Business value continually

  • Build People, Develop Systems..."Technology Can be Put in place, PEOPLE make it Happen"...Unleash the Potential of People to Perform

  • Build Partnership & the Right Relationship...Drive Performance & the Right Results through Winning Team

  • Customer Centricity...Customer's Customer is the key...Customer Value Continually

  • Discipline of Execution...Speed and Quality of Execution is the key

  • Change Management...lead, Create and Manage Change

  • 4C + 2C -> 1C...Communicate, Collaborate, Coordinate, Cooperate plus Consistency & Credibility to Co-Create Value

  • 2F + 2B -> Cl...Focus Forward thinking aligned with Business Acumen and Business Judgment with Continual lnnovation will create EDGE Factor for CIO

"Courtesy : Insights shared by V. Subramaniam first published at www.biztech2.com"

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