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"Discipline Of Execution"…an Insight

In today's agile world, it is important to focus and channelize our energy in discipline of execution – making things happen and getting things done the right way the first time. Since Speed is essence of life. Discipline of execution is about speed, quality and sense of urgency.

Few Insights on Discipline of Execution

Plan for Planning vs Plan for Execution – "Imperative to have a detailed plan but the key focus would be on making the plan actionable – implementation is the key".

People – Process and System alignment to Plan to Execution.

Quality must be integrated at every stage of implementation process. Quality is not just an end stage product / final deliverable.

Enthusiasm & Energy…any initiative or project, it is the ability of people to have the Enthusiasm and Energy to make things happen and get things done, move beyond the barriers of limitations by focusing on strengths as a Team. It's the passion which fuels successful execution besides other things. Be an enabler to create the change while leading / driving implementation of an initiative / project.

X Factor / Xtra / eXperience…is important during any project / initiative. It's the additional skills / extra ordinary skills which needs to be demonstrated in creating excellence in the project / initiative towards a successful execution. It's the extra / edge which needs to be demonstrated while execution of any initiative / project. It's about walking the extra mile / efforts put in accomplish the goals / mile stones. It's over all Experience while executing an initiative / project…a learning experience.

Envisioning…important to have vision and be focused throughout the initiative execution, but at the same time be proactive in identifying potential challenges, point of failures and risks supported by mitigating plan to minimize / avert the risks.

C Factor…ie…Effective Communication, Effective collaboration, Effective coordination, Effective Cooperation to Co Create value for the Organization through excellence in the initiative / project to deliver value for all. All 5 C play an important role in discipline of execution.

United / Unique…Team Work, Team Player and Team Synergy besides Team Bonding plays an important role in discipline of execution. Every individual must to play to his potential and put in 100% efforts, besides supporting one another with continual focus on common goal towards discipline of execution. Also need to understand, everyone is unique no two members can be identical or comparable but united…we create a winning team. Everyone brings in his / her experience, expertise, skills and competencies…collective efforts of all and playing with winning attitude create a winning Team. "Together we win, Together we lose. United We stand, Divided we Fail".

Time Management / Technology / Turn Around…Managing Time effectively is important while focusing on execution / implementation of any initiative / project. Time is essence of life. Every activity, tasks and mile stone needs to be planned and every efforts must be put in to achieve the target set. Also most important is ability to Turn around in case of any delays or the project / initiative is moving off the track in all time lines. There can be delays some time due to various reasons…but most important to ability to move ahead and turn around the situation rather than seated on the situation to make it worse. Another factor in effective time management is to focus on "how" as a team we can make it happen rather than focusing on "why and Can't".

Involvement and Innovation…Total involvement and commitment is key success factor in successful execution of any initiative or project. Involvement included active participation and contribution, by putting 100% efforts and time in the initiative / project. "Once I commit I'm committed for the Commitment"…that must be the principle. Besides Involvement, it is also about continual innovation – ideas and thoughts…doing things differently based on prior experience or best / right practices, bench marking for good ideas is equally important.

Organized…Being organized is important while execution of any initiative / project. Besides being Organized, prioritizing the key activities / tasks is equally important. As Time is essence of life…searching and follow up are non-value added activities. It kills energy, passion and slows down the pace. Relentless follow up, waiting…are deterrent to discipline of execution. Every one once a task is assigned or project is assigned…as a team everyone must contribute to complete the task assigned in an organized way.

Network…Networking is important. How we network as a Team, Network across the Organization and also networking with the Partners / vendors. Networking is not just networking…it's beyond in building partnership to create an excellence in implementation of initiative / project. Learning through partnership approach.

"Discipline People with Discipline Thoughts followed by Disciplined Actions lead to Disciplined Execution".
Being discipline is necessity. Staying discipline is an art. Disciplined person also means disciple of a disciplined leader. It's a continual journey. It's a way of life.
"Life is series of principle. If you practice principles, you will profit from the principles you practice".

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