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V Subramaniam
Otis Elevator Company (india) Ltd

Leadership Insights from Subbu

Great leaders move us. They ignite passion and inspire the best in us. When we try explaining why they are so effective. We speak strategy. Vision or powerful ideas. But reality is much more primal. Great leadership works through the emotions.

When leaders drive emotions positively they bring out everyone's best. When they drive emotions negatively they spawn dissonance. Undermining the emotional foundations that let people shine.

The key to making primal leadership work to everyone's advantage lies in the leadership competencies of emotional intelligence how leaders handle themselves and their relationships.

Gifted leadership occurs where heart and head feeling and thought meet. These are two things that allow a leader to soar. All leaders need enough intellect to handle the tasks and challenges at hand. However intellect alone won't make a leader. Leaders execute a vision by motivating. Guiding. Inspiring. Listening. Persuading and creating resonance.

Leadership is an art and can to some extent be taught. However the most important aspects of leadership are vision, the relationship with those around them, taking responsibility and the ability to motivate and encourage other people within the organization.

Getting things done through other people

Transforming followers by creating visions of the goals to be pursued.

Engaging with other people to achieve desired ends

Directing resources towards a previously determined goal.

Important aspects of leadership have with those around them. Leaders do not stand in isolation.

Key task of leader is to focus the organization and help to channel its power towards a given goal. Getting it achieved depends on local culture and the personality of the leader.

Leader's succeed by being bold and outspoken and highly visible like Jack Welch. Some succeed by working quietly behind the scenes to motivate and encouraging people like William McKnight from 3M.

To be a leader....leadership requires the ability to motivate and encourage other people, and to provide direction and maintain cohesion within the organization. Leader needs to be a good communicator. This depends on their personality and the nature of the org.

Leaders should be authentic. Leaders should be themselves.

Good communications skills. Be able to speak and write clearly.

Another aspect is vision. Must be able to see clearly where the org must go and what it needs to get there. Leader must be able to articulate that vision and cause other people to share in it.

Leader must be capable of taking responsibility. Take change and try to resolve the situation when something goes wrong.

The important aspect of leadership is the relationship each leader has with those around them.

The four v of leadership Leaders Define success differently.

Vision…Values…Value added…Vitality

A leader knows the way Goes the way and Shows the way Leading The Way

Insights from Management Guru C K Prahalad

CIOs should ask themselves two questions.
1. How well can we convert business ideas into Business Processes
2. How flexible are my systems to translate Business Processes into IT

Those who make this transition will be the facilitators of their companies successs. If not, they will be the bottleneck. The choice is clear.
CIOs must be the bridge in the logic chain between strategy and operational excellence.

"CIO Klub pays its humble Homage to eminent Management Guru C K Prahalad...his sudden demise is indeed a loss to many of us...but his teachings and inspiring wisdom on Management and Leadership will continue to be perils of wisdom in the years ahead. May his soul rest in peace".

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