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Investing in Growth - Enterprise IT Investment Trends 2010

  • Top five priorities for CIOs for 2010-11 are:

    1. IT process and performance improvement – (52% of the respondents)
    Achieve efficiencies through process improvement and enable business growth through performance improvement

    2. Information security - (75% of the respondents)
    Information security continues to be one of the top five priorities for the CIOs across industry in the coming year

    3. Business continuity and disaster recovery planning -
    The choice is fairly unanimous with 75% of the respondents stating it as priority

    4. Implementing customer centric and business intelligence applications (CRM/BI/DW) - (priority for 63% respondents).
    Focus has shifted from transaction processing to using the business intelligence systems as an enabler for decision-making.

    5. IT cost reduction – (55% respondents as against 79% from last year).
    In spite of growth forecast, IT cost reduction remains as an important agenda for CIOs. IT process and performance improvement has replaced IT cost reduction as the top most priority from last year

    Source : Enterprise IT Investment Trends Survey 2010

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