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Enterprise IT Investment Trends Survey 2009

The CIOKLUB (An initiative of CIO association), on its first anniversary on 24th April 2009. initiated the "Enterprise IT Investment trends Survey 2009" with Ernst & Young as knowledge partners to gauge the IT spending of the companies in FY 2009-10. It is a great pleasure to present this detailed report on survey findings which captures Industry's sentiments and trends vis-a-via Information technology. It is the 1st survey of the CIOKLUB within the member community.

Ernst & Young, our knowledge partners, have assisted the CIOKLUB in preparing the relevant questionnaire, collating responses and analysis of data. Being an independent consulting firm with vast experience in IT consulting, Ernst & Young was uniquely positioned to provide this assistance. This study provides an insight into the following:

  • Strategic investments in new solutions/ technologies
  • Investment priorities in upgrades/ new purchases/ maintenance
  • Hardware
  • Licenses
  • Security devices
  • Business applications
  • Operating systems
  • Storage solutions
  • Network devices and bandwidth
    • IT outsourcing
    • Data centre investments

    You would find this survey useful in making your IT decisions. You are encouraged to download and provide feedback on improving these initiatives to make them more insightful.

    Enterprise IT Investment Trends Survey- 2009»