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Family Touch - Swaminathan R.

Hello friends, my name is Swaminathan R. Our family consists of my parents, wife and one child. My father M.Rajagopalan, 83 years is a pensioner retired from ICF (Integral Coach Factory). My mother R.Saroja, 73 Years, is a Home Maker.


R. S. Rohiit

My wife Padmaja, 37 years is a home maker is in charge of the household responsibilities. My wife is very good at cooking, favorite being Chicken Biriyani and Chicken Masala. My son R. S. Rohiit, 4 years, just entered into the school into lower KG. He is enjoying his Montessori method of learning in his A-School. My sweet and short family is everything for me. I like to spend time with my family at home and also while outing and shopping.

I would like to share with you one of the many memorable moments I spend with my family and especially my kid. We went to Mangudi, our native place, a small village in Thanjavur district (Thanjavur name Thanjavur is derived from "Tanjan", a legendary asura in Hindu mythology) District of Tamil Nadu when Rohiit turned one year old to fulfill the religious poojas. We also celebrated his first year birth day at Liberty Park Hotel, Kodambakkam, Chennai with all his friends and family members. I still recollect those days.

The last vacation I had with my family was travelling by train to Thirupati, a devotional tour as well as wonderful staying at Thirumala, a hill town in Chittoor district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India for couple days.

At present, I work as Manager – Systems at Nippo Batteries Co. Ltd., today a household name in India. All my friends all are always close to me. Being born in a middle class family I think twice before spending even a penny.

I thank CIO Klub for giving me this opportunity to pen down my biography and taking me back to remember my earlier life. Thanks Once again.

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