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Family Touch - Anjan Deb

Name: Anjan Deb

Designation: Head-IT

Companies Supported: The Great Estern Shipping Co.Ltd.

I am a Bengali (Bong), born and brought up at Kolkata. Like other Bengalis, extremely weak in front of Rossogolla and fanatic about football, Brazil / Maradona. As usual, I played football and cricket heavily till college. I am a person with strong will-power, love to move with risk, do not like to do usual way of doing things, and love to create something every moment.

Father, Mother
I am B.SC. in Statistics from Calcutta University, did my MBA in Calcutta University. I did my PG Diploma in Systems Management from NIIT, Calcutta (the 1st batch directly from NIIT of Calcutta in the year 1988, not franchisee).

My parents both of them, retired from government job.

We are blessed with one child, Ayantika. She is studying in F.Y.B.Com in HR College of Commerce and appearing for Intern of CA.

My wife Ragesree, is an outstanding singer of Hindustani Classical and semi classical music and having a rear voice in Ghazal. She runs a music school at our home itself. As a quick success of her school, one of her girl students has been picked up by A. R. Rahman from a TV show called "Lift Kara de" of Karan Johar and she has sung for Telegu version of 'Raavana'. Her music school is named as "Ragesree– The School of Music" and website is www.ragesree.com.


We might be in 1st generation of IT professionals, since when the PC revolution started and Microsoft had just born. We started the career during the technical era of Clipper, dBase, FoxBASE and COBOL slowly fading away from PC level. I started my career with Lipton India Ltd in the year 1989, as EDP Officer, actually hardcore programmer. Lipton afterwards got merged with Hindustan Unilever in the year of 1994-95. In those days, it was very initial stage of IT consultancy industry (only 2 names were known those days TCS and CMC), so most of the company's having their in-house team to execute from conceptualization to implementation and support thereafter. We were also in that mode.

I was bit lucky to get into Lipton, one to work with HLL company of that time to begin the career which is itself an institution and then on top of that Lipton's IT initiative just re-started at that time after there was a debacle happened on their first try on computerization during in the year 1977 in Calcutta, which led to a huge labor unrest. So fortunately I was in the starter group of IT team and only myself and my boss. But Lever quickly filled up the team and started their IT initiatives in big way. It was a boon to me to get acquainted with Lever culture and learning opportunity in Lever's extremely professional environment, at the starting point of my career.

After spending most enlightening 6½ years and having memorable experience in Lever, I moved to SRF in their IT division, for higher responsibility. After 2 years, SRF made me default CIO (not by designation but by responsibility) of one of their subsidiaries called SNL where I was involved in building in-house client server based ERP in Oracle and D2K in the year 1998-99, just when the packaged ERP revolution started e.g. SAP, Oracle Apps, JD Edwards etc.

BY this time because of Y2K boom, the Indian IT industries started doing extremely well and got recognized in the world. So, the pure IT world became lucrative by now and I was also attracted by IT consultancy world and joined iGATE at Chennai. I wanted to taste the pure IT world and it was absolutely different experience. Then as per usual norm in IT industry there was quick switch over from one company to another. As a result, I also moved from few companies like iGATE, Mastek, Atos Origin in quick succession. This experience helped me how to work sitting other side of the table, to know IT Company's working processes which added lots of value in my career to operate from both sides and to understand both sides' business needs. This also helped me to quickly get knowledge on different new technologies and to get opportunity to work with different domains while handling different customers. But finally I came back to my original strong point of in-house IT set up and joined then most lucrative job in Lehman Brothers' IT division. Then again a change was necessary because you know the history of Lehman.

Finally, now I am with GE Shipping, heading its IT department. This industry where we are operating is very interesting. Here, I have realized that IT revolution that happened in land did not happen in Sea. So, there is huge scope to build from scratch and that made me interested in this industry. One way it is easy like everything you do, users get surprised by experiencing first time and at the same time it is a challenge to move them from old processes, which they have been following since years. But it is a nice experience and absolutely different from other industries, as far as IT implementation goes. The users are not aware of the power of technology and as a result they are not able to spell out their requirement. So, you need to understand their needs, processes and finally businesses and formulate the requirement for them. The major bottleneck of making the processes automated or making the transactions online is non availability of cheap Internet Connection from ship when it is in mid sea to shore office. The internet world or satellite world did all their research and development for Land people only, till date, I can see a huge vacuum here.

My daughter was never studious till her 10th std. in CBSE. I lost hope and was planning for an alternative career for her such as air hostess, acting in TV serial. She used to view TV most of her study time and used to view all movies which were hit in that time. The surprise came on the day when CBSE result of 10th std. came out. I logged in to CBSE site to view the result and was quite ready for the disaster.I was not able to believe my eyes when I saw her percentage above 91. I kept on re-log in 2/3 times. She made me absolutely speechless that day. After that, she suddenly changed in her approach and I told her she could have scored easily close to all India rank holder, has she been little serious on her study. After that she easily scored again more than 91% in 12th std. of CBSE and it was not required to tell her why she needs to study more. Now she is in HR College and doing her CA. The 91%+ is very common nowadays but I was surprised on her casual approach on achieving that. It was really a memorable day for me.

We three always in disagreement and in fighting mode with any issue but we cannot live a single day without each other.

I spend most of the time with my family in our living room by way of viewing same TV serials together, viewing movie in DVD together, eating out together once or twice in a month, to attend good music program time to time.

Though I love to travel but unfortunately could not make it much till date with family. There is nothing special to mention on travelling with family. Last travelling with family was on 2008 to Delhi/Agra/Haridwar. Actually my wife is not interested about travelling; everything in her life is music.

Here I would like share my viewpoint of Indian IT industry having experience of around 6yrs out of my total 21 yr. The Indian IT industry which is most attractive place to workfew years back, not for money but for getting exposure to new technologies, new working environment with different clients etc., is slowly losing its shine. The industry needs to plan in long term but unfortunately most of the companies are with short term view. I just wanted to see how many IT companies make considerable profits by way of earning in dollars and paying in dollars. The year 2008 has already given them a lesson. The IT industry as a whole needs to learn how to survive with strength in this uncertain world. We saw the same even in 2000 also when Dot net bubble burst. We need to make few Microsoft or Google in India to reign for longer period in IT in this century, because we have already proven our strength in IT and we have unlimited strength in innovation which is the basis requirement in IT world. So, let's not let it go from our hand.

If you were not in IT domain: Most probably Film Director
Biggest passion : To build up young professionals and mentor future talents
Your current / favorite car : Honda Civic / Audi SUV
Gadgets you can't leave without : Laptop
Weekends are for? : Spend time with family
Favorite holiday destination : Switzerland
Hate the most : Aggressiveness
Ultimate ambition : To join a good Management Institute to share the experience acquired in life
Wildest thing ever done : Once spent a full night with leaders of factory labors and booze them whole night in order to convince them to implement ERP in the factory, in Bihar.
Thing you most want to do in life : To photograph animal life moving inside the deep forest
If you became the Prime Minister : Forcefully making way for young people in politics by removing corrupted old politicians who are the biggest barriers for India's growth. To bring many more Nanadan Nilekeni in Indian political scenario and give them free hand to make India the best country in all respects.
Celebrity you'd like to spend a day with : Ex President of India Prof Abdul Kalam Azad
Deepest and darkest fear : After 40 yrs from independence India started its growth path and is getting delayed because of corrupted politician and young blood still not motivated to join the politics.

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