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CiO Looking Back & Ahead 2011

The year that was:

2010 was a very promising year. The optimism was returning back reasonably well. Growth is now the mantra. Acquisitions and alliances started once again. Across the industry there was much greater vibrancy compared to the one experienced during the year 2009. This obviously impacted the IT favourably. The new IT initiatives are back in action. The value of IT was in terms of productivity improvement, cost containment was experienced during the crisis period of 2008-09 and that learning led to greater acceptance towards new IT investments during the year 2010.

Satish Pendse,
Highbar Technologies Ltd.

During the years 2008 and 09, the world's IT outsourcing to India increased as a cost containment measure. Many European countries faced economic challenges even during 2010 and hence IT outsourcing from them to India increased during the year 2010. All this argues well for the IT industry and for the country. As a fall-out of this, the shortage of skilled IT resources is becoming acute. This has resulted into IT salary costs going up as well. This scenario will become even more serious during the year 2011.

The year 2011:

I see this to be an excellent year for IT. The investments in IT are going to be on the rise since IT will now be seen as growth facilitator. Mobility will be gaining further momentum Mobile devices based applications will be demanded by the customers of IT. It will also be interesting to watch how 3G unfolds in India, how it gains popularity and what kind of killer applications are deployed using 3G technology. Usage of cloud will also gain momentum.

Human resources challenges are going to be further acute. Attracting and retaining skilled IT resources is going to be a challenge.

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