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Family Touch - Venkat Iyer

Name: Venkat Iyer

Designation: Sr. Vice President

Companies Supported: Information Technology , STAR India Pvt Ltd

Venkat's Family
Wife Ratna, Daughter Samyukta and son siddharth. My dear mom also lives with us.

Born in TN, grew up in Gujarat, studied in the US and worked in US, UK, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Jamshedpur and now in Mumbai. Ghat Ghat ka Paani piya hai...Started my career in sales and marketing, moved to business process analysis and ended in IT. Worked in various industries right from Solar/Wind energy to photocopiers to cameras to Motorcycle to IT to Pharmaceuticals and now in Media.

Ratna has a huge responsibility of taking care of the children and ensuring that they turn out to be good human beings. Ratna is a great cook and makes lovely Italian, Mexican, Gujarati, Punjabi and south indian vegetarian food. She spends her spare time reading Jeffrey Archer and other various novels. She plays veena and sings carnatic music

Daughter studies in 10th std. Good in studies, has an ambition to go to Harvard Law school. Wants to be a good carnatic vocalist and follow the footsteps of DK Pattammal and MS Subbulakshmi and also be an accomplished Bharatnatyam Dancer. She has acted in Cadbury silk ad as a bharatnatyam dancer (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4CldYQjw1Y). Son studies in 5th std, loves to play cricket and foot-ball and sometimes forced to study. But has an am-bition to go to MIT, USA. Has learnt to assemble few robotic toys (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYV8U3qlEFk).

Hope some of the CIOs will remember my daughter samyukta who sang the invocation song at Aamby valley CIO Klub get together. Recently I asked my son to promise me that he will never become a surgeon. The reason is when he was assembling his robot, he lost his screw driver. After lot of effort we found it inside the robot. In the future we did not want some poor patient suing our son for some surgical instrument left inside his abdomen.


It is a close knit family where children openly share their concerns, peer pressure at school, growing up pains etc. In these times it is very important that parents keep their lines of communication open.

My family is my world. Most of the weekends are spent eating out in the afternoon and in the evenings we watch movie together or play cards/scrabble etc or our daughter practices her carnatic music with we sit around her and getting lost in her divine voice

Love going to Goa beaches. Last vacation was in Munnar

Many many close friends way back from the time I did my undergrad in 1981 to my current company. Thanks to technology I have been in regular touch with all of them

I always boast to my colleagues that CIOs are the only community who can share their experiences even if they are from the same industry. This is not seen among sales or finance heads. How many people from other function can pick up a phone and call their counterparts and ask them that they are facing a particular problem and how they handled it. Only CIOs can do it.

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