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Family Touch - Shreesh Patwardhan

Name: Shreesh Patwardhan

Designation: VP - IT

Companies Supported: Dynamic Logistics

Mother, Father
I am second of five children of my parents. My father Gururaj Patwardhan retired as Asst. Divisional Manager from LIC. My father had a transferable job, hence my mother Gayatri Patwardhan and younger siblings would move around different postings , while my elder sister me and my brother continued our education in Udupi. I completed my education up to 12th standard in Udupi and then joined Engineering in Dharwad, Karnataka. I completed my BE Mechanical and came to Pune as my father was posted here at that time.

My first job was the one I literally walked in to, a design engineer in Pluton Machinokrafts Pvt Ltd. in Pune. This was my foray in to material management field. Here in my first job I was handling whole life cycle of material handling systems right from requirement gathereing to designing, overseeing manufacture and installation of conveyors and special purpose machines. This also entailed traveling all over the country, to new and upcoming factory sites. One of my proud possession from that era is the Design of conveyor , my first one, marked with green "approved" stamp from of Honda Motors Japan.

After couple of years bug to start an enterprise bit me and I started Schutz India , designed number of products , got a patent for one of products designed by me , won Hari Malini Joshi award from Marahtta Chamber of Commerce and Industries and so on till the IT beckoned.

I joined Dynamic Logistics in 1998 as GM – IT. This was when concept of Logistics, especially Third Party Logistics services was still in nascent stage in India. My brief was to establish a strong IT backed processes and required infrastructure both hardware and software to support the operation. Right from beginning of 12 year long journey I have let our mission statement "To be the Preferred Business Partner to Organizations Striving for Dramatic Improvement in Performance." be the guiding principle for the IT initiatives in the organization.

My wife Sharmila works with LIC . I feel she has one of the greatest smiles and is able to light up everything around her when she smiles. Even though she is balancing both work and family responsibilities she is very much interested in creative work. She has keen sense of colour co-ordination and balance. Designing interiors, dress designing are some of her passions. While I did functional designs of our home furniture, she took all decisions on colour, texture and material. So most of the time the teamwork of complementing skills works wonders.

I have two lovely daughters, elder one Prutha is studying in 12th standard Commerce in Garware College Pune. She is passionate about foreign languages, currently learning French from Alliance française , Pune. Love of languages is the family trait she inherited , my mother can speak 7 languages, while I am comfortable with 6 (not counting C++ and Java ) . My younger daughter Yukta is the apple of eye of the whole family. Naturally curious about all things around her, she has no normal fear of insects and reptiles. In recent trip to Saguna baug both daughters went ahead and requested Mr. Bhadsavle to allow them handle the snakes which he displayed. One of the favourite family lore is of Yukta chasing all the elder children to corner by catching and holding a praying mantis in her bare hands.


We as a family believe "Family that eats together stays together". So unless some compelling reason forces us we switch off TV and spend the dinner time around the dining table, talking laughing and sometimes even fighting. We have most of our relatives living close by hence get-togethers , late night coffee sessions are fairly common.

My Wife & Daughters
Cooking is a way of relaxing for me. I am a avid cook. Even though I cannot be considered a gourmet chef, I can whip up variety of "not regular" dishes , mostly on Sundays. Most of these experiments have been fairly successful thanks to Google and appreciative testers in form of daughters. Photography and Videography are my other passions.

One of the reason the CIO Klub attracted me to actively participating is concept of including families in the activities. In couple of meetings of CIO Klub we realized that there are some CIOs who live in same building , same neighborhood and still are not aware of it. Official functions meetings bring CIOs together but real togetherness, bonding happens if the relationships go beyond work and technology and percolate to family level.

If you were not in IT domain : I would be a robotics engineer, that's my passion
Gadgets you can't leave without : Anything new and exiting
Weekends are for? : Catching up with home and family matters
Favorite holiday destination : Santosa Islands
Hate the most : Hypocrisy
Ultimate ambition : Do something that will make positive difference in people's lives
Wildest thing ever done : Yet to come
Thing you most want to do in life : Create new things everyday
If you became the Prime Minister : I would use IT to bring transparency in all dealing of Government
Celebrity you'd like to spend a day with : Steve Jobs
Deepest and darkest fear : Like the Asterix the Gaul "Sky is Falling …."

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