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Family Touch - Raj Khemani

Name: Raj Khemani

Designation: Senior Manager IM / Information Security Lead for Asia Pacific and Japan

Profile: Head - IT

Companies Supported: Bristol Myers Squibb India Pvt. Ltd. and Mead John Nutrition India Pvt. Ltd.

Likes: Movies, networking and Finding Solution

Dislikes: False commitments

Strengths: Passionate and Positive Attitude

Weakness: Impatient


Raj Khemani's Family

I live in a joint family, under my parent's guidance and strong support from my wife and my son. I sincerely believe in traditional joint family values and this is sole reason for not moving abroad for wider opportunities. The stress at work just vanishes as soon as I reach home and see their smiling faces waiting for me. This is what revitalizes me and prepares me for the next challenging day.

After completing graduation in Business Data Processing and Economics, my second job was with Ranbaxy as Project Leader, where I learnt all the complications of Indian trade and ways to excel in them. My mentor nurtured my positive attitude and strengthened my Go-Getter spirit.

The next opportunity that I took up was with Microsoft as Technical Lead, where I learnt the importance of being passionate about anything we do (personal and professional). It is very important to give your 100% for any work/project that we do.

Pfizer was the next organization that gave me an opportunity to work with them as a Manager Business Technology and polished my business focused approach.

Bristol Myers Squibb is my current organization, which has given me an opportunity to lead their Information Management group and planned an interesting path of growth for me. Within two years my role has modified and I now coordinate Information Security for Regions like Asia Pacific and Japan along with leading Information Management for Bristol Myers Squibb in India.


It would be unjust to term my wife Shalini as professional or a home maker alone. She has been managing our home and her Boutique well without compromising either one till date. She is fond of reading and has an inclination for fashion designing.

My son Arya is a smart Standard II learner. He loves breaking toys and then crafting new ones out of them. He is very active and wants to be a big businessman one day. I have requested him to consider my CV for a job in his future company.

We (Arya and I) planned for a "Papa Beta Day" and no one else was allowed to come along. We started from home at 10:00 A.M and returned at 9:00 P.M. --, exhausted but extremely happy. During that fun-filled day- we watched a 3D movie, played cricket and Video Games, ate a yummy meal Mc Donald's…and on my son's precondition- did not discuss about his studies at all,. In fact, as I write this, I am looking forward to another memorable "Papa Beta Day" soon.

We are very close knit as a family. The best thing I love about my family is how everyone of us understands each other and is ready to support one another when the going gets tough.

In these days of hectic schedules, I ensure that I am available for my family for the entire weekend. The decision of settling on the weekend agenda lies with my family and I just go by the plans they have made for me. - It's fun, not to plan and decide and just let the family take charge.

I still remember my mom wishing for a Char Dham Yatra when I was just 13, and so the last time when we decided to go on a vacation I planned a pilgrimage to the gigantic Himalayas. I really felt blissful, when I saw tear rolling down their eyes in contentment. This was my best vacation I have had till date.

I believe that "There is substitute for hard work", and I have found that the harder I work- the luckier I get!


My Parents

Raj and Shalini

My Family


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